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How to Book Customized University Uniforms?


How to Book Customized University Uniforms?


There are often a lot of sports events, activities in schools, colleges and universities. How to book and get team uniforms for these activities in lower cost but fast delivery?

Contact your reliable local suppliers or contact us ANKA Clothes in China to book these uniforms in as short as 7 days!


Merely to mention delivery time, we recommend below uniforms to be made:

1. If you want to get them within 7days, sublimation printed jerseys are most recommended with its fast production rate and zero defect rate;

2. If you could wait for longer time for example 30 days or want to get the team jerseys more complicated, lets make them sublimation printing combined with embroidery and using other fabrics to cut and sew;

3. If your quantity is big, or want to get hoodies as uniforms, the lead time would be 30 to 60 days according to different quantity.


To explain the last, shorter time would sometimes cost higher price due to urgent work. Normally a lead time of 25 to 35 days will get the uniforms in most reasonable price when quantity is fewer than 5,000 PCS.


Our MOQ of t-shirts and jerseys is only 100PCS per style per color; and the minimum order quantity of hoodies is 200PCS, while for jackets and other similar items it will be 500PCS per style per color.


Contact us no matter you want to buy ONE piece of customized printed jersey or 1000PCS.

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