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Rushed Orders before 2022 Chinese New Year Vacation Notice


Despite the COVID-19 situations, time passes by, life goes on. In less than two months, most Chinese will start vacation to celebrate their new year. Work will be paused, factories will be closed and if you have any urgent orders of customized clothes, better rush to place the order(s) now.

As an OEM small-sized clothes factory, Sportsanka will strive and deliver your clothes before CNY holiday.

Importanat Notes: 

1. Materials suppliers and production line workers will have earlier and longer CNY vacation, which means order placed on/before Nov. 25th, 2021 might be able to deliver before Chinese New Year vacation, while orders placed after Nov. 25th, 2021 may be scheduled to be produced on/after Feb 17th, 2022 and the loading time will be adjusted according to production schedules.

2. In order to ensure in-time loading considering labor, trucks and containers as well as all necessary paper work before our vacation, all the shipments which are supposed be shipped before CNY will need to be loaded on/before January 17th, 2022.

Contact us, if you have any urgent styles to make or any particular orders to be rushed.

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