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How to Find a Trustworthy and Low-cost Clothing Manufacturer?


How to find a trustworthy and low-cost clothing manufacturer?


To find a big clothing factory, it will always be trustworthy. As they have mature system in either office or production management. And the minimum order quantity in thus factory will also be high, for example, a t-shirt, the MOQ shall be 10,000PCS per style per color, and for jackets, the MOQ shall be 5,000PCS per style per color. Averagely, the unit price is reasonable.

  However, as a newly-start clothing brand company or as personal purchaser, such high MOQ become a barrier or huge burden if to stock big quantity clothes with different styles and different colors.


  Then, how to find a trustworthy and low-cost clothing manufacturer with smaller MOQ?

Firstly we need to know what features do these factories have.

  Smaller MOQ clothing factories are often small, with fewer than 100 workers;

  They are also lack of designers, thus they can not help design;

  They might have this and that shortage for example less experience in dealing foreign trading directly with foreign customers.

  But their shortages are their advantages too, as they cut the cost in designing, in bureaucratic management; they become faster in action and could accept small quantity order.


  To become one of these factories, we have more than ten years experience. In our past years’ business, we speak frankly, we take orders and will try our best to follow your sample or designs. Contact us ANKA Clothes, you will get a small clothing factory supplier but trustworthy and lower cost.


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