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Clothes Industry State in China: On-line Selling and Off-line Production Combined


According to Chinese CCTV news: Combining factories work resume and on-line selling, garment industry companies have invented new way surviving under COV-19 situation. Currently, all major clothes enterprises’ resume work rate is nearly 100% in Shenzhen.

The Sixth Shenzhen Fashion Show is opening on network today (April 10th, 2020). Totally 70 brands international and local, use internet platform to launch new designs and products. 

Behind the rapid increasing on-line consumers is the improvement of production way offline. In Dalang Fashion Town, which is located in clothes industry area Longhua District, the clothes enterprises are actively adjusting and reforming.

This automatic production line, which is self designed and developed by enterprises based on industry internet, can turn customers’ real-time order information into production information, and directly start production. During COV-19 situation, this production line has made great contribution.

Currently, over 98.5% clothes enterprises have resumed work and 100% for big enterprises. Fashion wear representing Shenzhen’s fashion creative industry is reaching toward high-end chain.

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